Crafting Balance – 3KCBWDAY7

It’s safe to say that there is absolutely no balance in my crafting… it is almost entirely knitting (to the extent that I’m rubbish at finishing things which need sewing up).  That said, today marks a day where I’ve packed up a handmade card, sewn up the outstanding WIPs and made the care labels.  What I enjoy is the creativity associated with making something successfully which looks really good (and I can be appropriately pleased with it).  I am, however, ridiculously critical of my own work, which means I no longer draw/paint.  I think it’s also partly why I no longer sew much.  In the title bar for this page is the one piece of recent sewing I’m very pleased with.  It was designed to be one of 7 pieces yet, after 4 years, remains the only one.

So, what did today lead to, with the sewing up?

The finishing (at last) of the gifts for my soon-to-be Goddaughter.  Having noted yesterday that it took a mere 18 months to make my Godson’s Elefante, I decided to get ahead of myself… I started with a sensible pattern, with limited sewing up, in plenty of time for her birth.  All that went to plan… It was ready ahead of her arrival, save for the small tasks of sewing up, and finding and attaching buttons.  She’s now 6 weeks old and it’s only just been completed!  So, what did I make: The beautiful Maile cardigan and reliable two needle cable booties.

Goddaughter's outfit

I’ve also finally finished Mrs Dubrais’ Owl hat to be sent off, to her.

Who Hat

While today demonstrates my ability to do something other than knitting… in particular card making (which I’m not photographing) but I really *do* need to be in the right mood for it. This is rather unlike knitting which I do at any available time.

As I reach the end of Blogging Week, I hope that I’ll come back to some of the themes (like today’s, to discuss things like crafting background) when I have more time. That won’t be until after the assessment period but I hope to keep on sharing my knitting.