Improving your skills – 3KCBWDAY6

In the last three years or so I have been spending more time knitting. I got as far as knitting in work meetings before returning to university and now find lectures useful time to knit. Despite this increase in time spent knitting, it’s almost all been dedicated on socks (with the occasional hat).

Since moving house, and as friends have had children I’ve started being more adventurous. Well, started seems very accurate… I’m less good at finishing things off! My biggest project for expanding my skills was my Godson’s elefante.


I hate sewing up with a passion, so this really was a labour of love (and thus a one-off). It has been received well and the elefante has made his home in the toy box. It only took me about 18 months to get round finishing off. Oops.

To develop my sock knitting skills, I decided to make the largest sock to date, especially for Christmas.  It was my first significant attempt at fairisle, and turned out well.  In fact, it grew to be such a size that it was bigger than the girl I’d knitted it for.  Oops.

Finished Christmas Stocking

I started to play around with lace. The first piece is the multnomah pattern in the cream/brown zauberball. It looks beautiful but is too small and, as I’ve cast off, it will be frogged and remade (picture to follow).

The biggest challenge ahead is to use the skills from that pattern in making my first cobweb weight shawl. My initial attempt at the Miss Lambert shawl didn’t work out so I’m giving the Japanese Leaves pattern a go. My initial response to knitting it is the way it feels so different to my normal sock knitting (especially as I normally knit tight). We’ll soon see how it goes.

Shawl with yarn cake