A Knitter For All Seasons? – 3KCBWDAY4

KLooking back over my finished projects, it’s hard to say there is any seasonality to it at all.  As a sock knitter, the weather doesn’t affect the choices of yarns, colours or patterns chosen.  Perhaps it’s a British thing, in as much as there is little difference between mid-summer (cold and rainy) and mid-winter (cold and rainy).  While that statement isn’t entirely true, the sentiment remains valuable. This year we’ve had glorious sunshine and snow in March, and the threat of non-stop rain is predicted for the rest of April and much of May!  The photo from Monday emphasises the epitome of British and current weather, to me.  That said, specific projects have been planned with the optimistic assumption that there will be lighter weather.

The current WIP, ‘God-daughter’s cardigan and booties‘, are made from cotton rather than wool to be cooler for the summer.  I hope it will be the right size for her as the weather is most appropriate for her to wear it.

Knitted Necklace

Falling Leaves Necklace (Rav Link)

There was also a piece to celebrate an ordination, which was very much designed to be a light piece for all seasons:

This scarf/necklace is made from the beautiful Habu Stainless Steel/Wool and retains shape fantastically.  I hope that, once I’ve caught up on the current WIPs, I’ll move back onto Jewellery.  Perhaps this will be a summer project for this year?

I also intend to knit a first laceweight scarf, which will be focussed on for the developing skills day.