Knitting Round-up: Problematic Projects

Realising that I had missed off one of the other frogged projects, combined with a conversation with friends this evening, has led me to think about the projects which are just giving me hassle!


Liab in progress

Mentioned earlier, the Liab socks were being knitted for a long-standing friends.  I was pleased that the 50 gram balls meant I could keep the foot length growing long enough to make longer socks than normal (e.g. socks for me or mansocks).  What I hadn’t factored in was the fineness of the yarn; far finer than most of my sock yarn… and I’m a tight knitter. So as I completed the first sock (except for kitchenering, fortunately), I realised it seemed quite tight.  I asked my friend to try it on, and he confirmed it was too tight.  I couldn’t find anyone with narrow enough feet so in the end I frogged it.

The pattern is lovely, and remains something I want to knit… different yarn is definitely needed though.  In fact, I liked it so much I looked up other patterns by the same designer, General Hogbuffer.  That project will follow in a later post.


Freebees in progress

After completing the Jaywalkers (mentioned in the same post as Liab and which will be covered in a subsequent post), I offered to make my friend the beautiful Freebees socks.  I looked out for yarn, and in the end picked Violet Green‘s Beth yarn (Bluefaced Leicester) in Sunflower. Again this is a very fine yarn and is too fine for the pattern.  After discussions with my friends this evening, I think it’s not going to work out in this yarn, so another one will be needed.  H has suggested dyeing something specifically, which seems the way forwards but sadly, this is another project which needs to bite the dust.

Sea Tangles Scarf

Photo to follow

I have some beautiful Habu yarn; silk and stainless steel in red and blue, and wool and stainless steel in green.  Trying out the Sea Tangles Scarf seemed a good idea as it would be an interesting way to use the blue yarn but I’m not feeling convinced.  I can’t put my finger on why, or what about it but I’m just not feeling the love.  I’ll leave it for now, and certainly not frog it immediately… not least because I don’t think it will frog well.  Much pondering to do.


Photo to follow

I’ve wanted to make Nutkin for ages, and favourited it as soon as I joined Ravelry.  Finally I had the opportunity as we were going away.  Long bus travel and an easy to learn repeat.  Ideal.  In fact, so much so that I had almost an entire sock by the time we got to France.  It’s a really lovely knit.  However, as the emerging theme through several of these posts hints, I knit tight. So the enduring question is, is it too tight?  That is yet to be established. :/

Knitting Round Up: Frogging

So, since last writing I’ve completed another academic year at university, and it’s flown by… hence the lack of updates. The knitting has carried on a pace, as I make the most of time both in lectures and at Stitch ‘n Bitch to work on projects. Stitch ‘n Bitch has been great fun this year, particularly due to my fellow committee members including the wonderful Jenny.  Jenny, since the beginning of the year, has been trying to knit her ravelry queue; and has been carrying on a quite a pace.  I have managed far fewer completed projects, or even WIPs, but here’s an update on projects since September.

Frogged Projects

These projects may not have been started since September, I lose track, but their demise occurred since then.



I decided that the pattern and the yarn didn’t work well together – the yarn’s too busy.  I also reached the conclusion that I’m just not that won over on the pattern.  It’s also slightly too big for most people too.  While it’s not been frogged yet, it will be very shortly and the yarn needs a new project to be identified.

Circles Socks

Circles Sock in progress

These look absolutely stunning; the colour repeats matching up exactly with the circles.  However, the socks ended up massive and therefore no use to anyone.  These have been frogged with the yarn awaiting a new project.

Stripey Socks

Stripey Socks

These, again, are socks which look absolutely great.  I made the pattern up as I went along, which was both the problem and the success of them.  They worked brilliantly to get round my perpetual problem with Zauberballs.  I hate the unintended stripe, and hadn’t considered an after thought heel.  The problem I had was hibernating the project then forgetting what I’d done.  Oops.  Since then, I’ve frogged it and used the yarn in another project… which will appear shortly.