More crafting!

When I did the Knitting and Crochet blogging week, I wrote about my great crafting imbalance.  I knit, and that’s about it.  Well mostly it… just occasionally (if there is enough time and a good enough reason) I’ll try and make something else.  Cards are the most frequent things I make after knitting but recently I really pushed the boat out and tried something I’ve not done for a very long time… painting.

Tree 1

Small trees

Tree 2

Complete Wall hangingMade especially for my goddaughter as a christening present, and inspired by lots of the button tree pictures on Pinterest and other places, this picture collection is hoped to be something she can grow up with.  I’m really pleased with how these turned out, and they even managed to make it to her house safely.  It definitely felt like a labour of love, as did the elefante for my godson… but definitely worth the effort.

As is predictably the case, I also have a couple of pairs of socks (or three) on the go.  Firstly, there is an almost finished pair of Jaywalkers.  I got the soft and squishy Natural Dye Studio Dazzle sock yarn in blossom from Purl City Yarns, and thought it excellent for one specific friend.  Several attempts at different patterns later, I settled on Jaywalkers (again).  The yarn is so beautiful that it seemed a shame not to see it, and the jaywalker pattern showed it off perfectly.

NDS JaywalkersAs can be seen from the picture, they’re so very nearly there! They are still in the same state but will get handed over soon.

For more of a challenge, I thought I’d tackle the Liab cable-rich socks, and use some of my miscellaneous sock yarn.  I have a small collection of very bargainous sock yarn which has been collected when on a suitably appealing offer.  I’d removed the bands from the balls too, which made trying to work out what they were all the more interesting.

Liab sock in progress

Turns out the yarn is Fortissima Socka shade 1049, and it works really well on this pattern.  I enjoyed a pattern which was the full length of the sock, and making it from a 50g ball made such a difference.  It meant I could actually make them long enough to fit a friend who I’d previously struggled to knit for.  The first one is done, and is with the friend to check fitting.

The final (almost) finished pair are a nice contrast to Liab and Jaywalker.  For Liab, I was working on a full pattern across the whole sock, and with jaywalker a 2 row repeat.  For the last pair I made Blackrose, from Knitty, which has an 8 row repeat, but just a single pattern section.  Rather like the beauty of the NDS yarn used above, I wanted to show off the yarn again in this pair.  It’s Violet Green Stellar Sock Yarn (now discontinued) in Harlequin, from the sock club several years ago.

Harlequin BlackroseI had to repeat the pattern much more than outlined in the instructions due to my tension, but it has still turned out really well and I’ll put proper pictures up once finished and blocked.

Other projects remain on the go.  Two further pairs of socks are on the needles but in hibernation; the effervesce socks of my first post and a made up pair.  I’m currently playing with another bargainous find and haven’t definitely settled on a pattern but it’s all good fun.  The shawl is still very much a WIP but after initial teething problems I’m enjoying knitting the lacework.  It’s over a quarter of the way there but that still leaves a long way to go. Perhaps it will be a perpetual knitting project for a while, but there’s nowt wrong with that.

A fine occasion and some finished socks

A couple of months back the mrs and I headed up to Scotland to visit some good friends as they became the most Civil of Partners.  It was a really beautiful few days and a great pleasure to spend it with the couple as they celebrated the legal and social sides aspects of their CP.

Over a few days we got to share with the couple in the preparations for their blessing, which wins the award for the craftiest wedding or civil partnership I’d been to.  Origami bouquets and pin holes, crocheted bunting and wheelchair decorations and hand made place settings in the shape of peace cranes were all beautiful. The Mrs’ pin hole still sits looking rather stunning on the mantle and it perfectly matched her converse.

It also allowed me to deliver a few presents.  Firstly, I finished the Cachoeira socks mentioned on the first post:

Almost finished sock

I also handed over the Owl socks, from post two, which (unlike the socks above) fitted perfectly first time and have been received by Blissfully Eccentric.  I think this might be my favourite pair of socks yet.  The pattern knitted so well, and is very effective.  I think its success is not in the least due to the beautiful yarn from RipplesCraft.

Owl Socks

It was such a good few days, and was finished off with a sort visit to my Goddaughter, and recipient of the cardigan and booties.  She was even wearing the booties when we saw her! All in all it was a fantastic weekend, and nice to be able to give out some knitted goodness!